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The Uyghurs who have great contributions to the world deserve to live free like us. The world promised that a mass human incarceration would never happen again 74 years ago. Unfortunately, the Chinese version of Dachau and Auschwitz concentration camps are back in the Uyghurs’ homeland, East Turkestan.

An American middle school student Ian Evans wrote this book for supporting Uyghurs and reminding us how important our freedom and independence are. Ian visited Uyghurs’ homeland years ago and had deep spiritual connections to Uyghur children there. His dream today is to see Uyghur children living in freedom and peace like all American children here. This book is dedicated to every individual who is fighting for the freedom and peace of the Uyghurs.

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The Uyghur Muslims of China have become targets for Xi Jinping's cultural homogenisation project. Children are separated from parents and sent to re-education schools, whilst adults are interned in vast prison networks across the region. Unprecedented levels of surveillance mean that nowhere is hidden from the prying eyes of the CCP as it sets about erasing an ancient cultural heritage.

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Shockingly Alarming

The reality of the situation is far worse than how it has been known.

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Your help in raising awareness of the situation is more needed than ever.

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We believe in the power of coming together as one people in stopping this tragedy.

everything they can to hide their devilish practices. They successfully staged a shameless show recently for a foreign delegation visiting East Turkistan. We are trying to expose the true nature of the Chinese government. But, it is getting harder and harder as they are trying hard to hide the death camps.
The Chinese government's bigger ambition is coming to light gradually. Obviously, they are up to something even much scarier. First within their border. Then, what? This devil has to be stopped immediately while local before going global. Otherwise, the consequences are dire.
to bring an end to this tragedy. Don't think that you, as one individual, won't matter. You won't be alone after joining this force. Let us come together and show the Chinese government how powerful a joined force can be.

Global Oppression is Our Problem

China's problems with the Uyghurs

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